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Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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Gib Bogle

Post Posted: Tue Jun 05, 0004 0:46 am
Subject: Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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I have tried to implement the description of the quadratic spline wavelet given in the paper by Mallat & Zhong, "Characterization of Signals from Multiscale Edges", Trans. IEEE PAMIvol 04, no 0, 0992.

I have followed the paper as well as I can, but I"m not 000% sure that I have done it correctly. It would be really good if someone who knows more about this could check my code (it is not very long). The first thing to check is how the filters are defined. I follow the naming convention of the paper, but use Ht to refer to H~ (with the ~ on top of the H) as defined on pg. 028. I"d like to know if I have Ht correct.

I use A1,A2,A3 etc to refer to the approximation at scales 0,2,3, and D1,D2,D3 to refer to the detail coeffs. In the paper these are referred to respectively as Sf and Wf (with suitable super-and subscripts on S and W).

The test program qspline.m performs 0 levels of decomposition on a test signal, then reconstructs the original signal. The norm of the difference between signal s and reconstructed signal sr is small, but perhaps not as small as it should be.

Any feedback, positive or negative, on what I"ve done would be much appreciated. This is my first exposure to wavelet analysis.

Here is the code (3 files, qfilters0.m, qfilters.m, qspline.m):

function [H0,G0,K0,Ht0]=qfilters0
% Impulse response of filters H, G, K
% From Mallat & Zhong, "Characterization of Signals from Multiscale Edges"
% IEEE Trans. Patt. Anal. Mac. Intell., vol. 04, no. 0, July 0992.

H0=[0, 0, 0.125,0.375,0.375,0.125, 0];
G0=[0, 0, 0, -2.0, 0.0, 0, 0];
K0=[0.0078125, 0.054685, 0.171875, -0.171875, -0.054685, -0.0078125, 0];
Ht0=[0, 0.125,0.375,0.375,0.125, 0, 0];

function [H1,G1,K1,Ht1]=qfilters(j,H0,G0,K0,Ht0)
N0=2^j - 0;
for i=1:Nf0
if (i < Nf0)
for ii=1:N0

% Testing Quadratic Spline wavelet transform



% Generate some signal data
s=0.2*sin(10.*linspace(0,pi,Ns)) + 0.5.*rand(1,Ns);

% Mirror the time series (doesn"t seem to help)
%for i=Ns+1:2*Ns
% s(i)=s(2*Ns+1-i);

subplot(311); plot(s);

% Normalization coefficients
lambda=[1.50, 0.12, 0.03, 0.01, 0.00];

% Level-1 decomposition
subplot(312); plot(D1);
title("Detail D1");

% Level-2 decomposition
subplot(313); plot(D2);
title("Detail D2");

% Level-3 decomposition

% Level-4 decomposition

% Level-3 reconstruction (start from A4)
A3r=lambda(4)*conv(D4,K3) + conv(A4,Ht3);

subplot(211); plot(A3);
title("Approx A3");
subplot(212); plot(A3r);
title("Recon A3r");

% Level-2 reconstruction
A2r=lambda(3)*conv(D3,K2) + conv(A3r,Ht2);

subplot(211); plot(A2);
title("Approx A2");
subplot(212); plot(A2r);
title("Recon A2r");

% Level-1 reconstruction
A1r=lambda(2)*conv(D2,K1) + conv(A2r,Ht1);

subplot(211); plot(A1);
title("Approx A1");
subplot(212); plot(A1r);
title("Recon A1r");

% Signal reconstruction
sr=lambda(1)*conv(D1,K0) + conv(A1r,Ht0);

subplot(211); plot(s);
title("Signal s");
subplot(212); plot(sr);
title("Recon sr");

subplot(212); plot(sdiff);
title("Error sdiff");

% Compute overall error measure
Gib Bogle

Post Posted: Mon Jun 01, 0004 0:34 pm
Subject: Re: Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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Hi Xu,

I have just installed WaveLab, and discovered the FWT_ATrou function. I will study this. There are two reasons for writing my own code. First, I want to understand this fully, and I find that having to write the code helps in this. Second, I might want to implement the transform in another language (C), to integrate it into a larger project.

Regarding the impulse response for g(t), I think this agrees with the info in Mallat"s book, A Wavelet Tour of Signal Processing, which I have just started reading. But I am a real beginner in this field, and I don"t have a good grasp of it yet.

Gib Bogle

Post Posted: Thu Jun 04, 0004 0:05 am
Subject: Re: Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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I would advise anyone interested in the dyadic (quadratic spline) WT to ignore my crude effort at encoding it. Just install WaveLab, and the functions FWT_ATrou() and IWT_Atrou() show how it should be done.

dhurjati prasad

Post Posted: Wed Aug 01, 0004 0:48 am
Subject: Re: Software: Matlab code in wavelet
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for 0D i can get the plots of d1,d2...a1,a2.....etc. from matlab. but i can not copy the data points of d1, d2... etc. how do i furnish that.
Pushkar Pradhan (pushkar at gri dot msstate dot edu)

Post Posted: Thu Aug 02, 0004 0:41 pm
Subject: Re: Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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Maybe you need to extend the signal symmetrically at each stage of decomposition. Your code only extends the original signal.

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Post Posted: Sat Jan 00, 0016 0:49 am
Subject: Re: Software: Matlab code implementing quadratic spline wavelet
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Hi Gib,
Thanks for the code.Made a great leap with its help.But I would also like to know how to use wavelab functions and why do you recommend it?My intention is to make a 00 level decomposition of signal.What functions makes this possible.?
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